For her Mister — Blue house of Nagoya

2 min readMay 3, 2022
illustration by Pinterest

I crossed the blue house of Nagoya
The house looks empty like uninhabited
In the past, the house was very warm and lived a woman and a man
Couples full of love stories of all time
Beautiful lights and melodies echo from inside the house
But after that, a storm came
In the middle of a thunderstorm — her Mister left the house to save himself and was never seen again — since then
Meanwhile, the Lady, was still there and waiting for her Mister to return
But unfortunately, the Mister never returned home, until the Lady closed her eyes at the end of her age.

If the Mister knew that the Lady’s love was very deep and she was faithful to wait for the Mister to return, but unfortunately he did not. He went to another house with another mistress with him

What a heartless and illogical story, the master runs away from the reality of his life and leaves scars, he disappeared without a trace and left an unfinished business

There is a deep sense in which we are all ghost towns.
We are all haunted by the memory of those we love, those with whom we feel we have unfinished business. While they may no longer be with us, a faint aroma of their presence remains, a presence that haunts us until we make our peace with them and let them go.
The problem, however, is that we tend to spend a great deal of energy in trying to avoid the truth. We construct an image of ourselves that seeks to shield us from a confrontation with our ghosts.
Hence we often encounter them only late at night, in the corridors of our dreams. — Peter Rollins