I left my heart in Shibuya..

3 min readMar 14, 2022

“I never missed my flight, if so, maybe it’s going the other way”

In the silence of the night, you said “stop… stop here” because the plane we were on was heading in the wrong direction.

You were the pilot at that time
You were the one controlling it
You were the one who flew it and you were the one who can stopped it
I was just a passenger and maybe - Shibuya was the destination.

When you told me to stop and get off there, I didn’t have much time to ask, — why?
Why did you get me off in Shibuya? In fact, I want to go to London, not Shibuya… it’s still hundreds miles from here…

Illustrated by Pinterest

Without a word you left and I was confused and wanted to ask the moon who was silent and also sorry to see me — while staring — smiling sadly — but my eyes keep crying.

My logic said I will be fine — when I’m in Shibuya, but not with my heart, I should be in London for some time.
Perhaps making a stop in Shibuya would have been better than the plane we were traveling in that crashed — lost the way and plunged into the deep — dark to the ocean before heading to London.

After being silent — with a thousand questions — until now, I can’t even translate why we can’t just go to London together, have English tea as your favorite in the afternoon under the oak tree.

It’s been two years — I have been wondering — why did you leave me in Shibuya, that night?
You’re the one who picked me up to get on your plane — the one you said was going to London — is a beautiful London
I know it seems that your plane is no longer functioning properly, just like your life is starting to crumble — where none of your plans have been working out.

I know that you — didn’t go to London, but you are still in Shibuya — just like me — but you hide from me because there are so many questions you can’t answer, is it right, my dear?

Am I difficult for you — am I too much to ask?

I know that you are still there — in the same place — you still see me from afar — you are still following me — you also know that I am not doing well, because I am still guilty of what I did to meet you as a big mistake in my life.

You also knowing that now I laugh and cry in the same time and I stand strong but I am fragile.

It’s been 2 years darling — , the Shibuya I used to know is now comfortable and friendly with me — I’ve forgotten about London and I’m starting to rush to San Francisco, but I leave my heart in Shibuya to remember you

Thanks for the ride to Shibuya, when you say “stop” I start to realize that this plane is not for me and the journey is not with me.

Thank you for the new tattoos that you made on my body — the scars is there and will be there, until the day I close my eyes

This is my words to you — as being said my curse to you — the pain I feel, you will get the same things too for the rest of your life. Since we may not be together — but my curse on you will live with you forever.

“Oh you will die and soon — because you made the choice to fall in love.” ~Asher Lake” ― Shawn Reilly, Call of the Raven