I said it beautifully to you in Hiroshima [広島の君に綺麗に言った ]

2 min readApr 25


Many lives that we can’t wish for are realized quickly and easily.

Many beautiful things and stories that may not be repeated in the end.

Many tears that fall meaninglessly but have a million meanings that are difficult to unravel

The passing of life, has a million colors — feelings — and hopes

We promise to come back

We walk together and laugh

We used to share, and now I don’t know where you are

I still remember everything about

what you like

what you hated

And what always makes you come back to me — again

The flowers

The crashing of those waves

And the sunshine

Your small steps when the rain soaks your hair

Then you walk with me, along the dark alley — without hope


You’ve only just begun

But I’ve already ended my steps

I stopped, because I knew Hiroshima would no longer be as it once was

I decided to leave — but not with you stoic and “ surrendered” to see me go.

I watched Hiroshima fall with you

But on the other side, I continue my life to forget the ever-present graciousness of Hiroshima.

It feels like because of Hiroshima, I’m now blind and deaf because of you that I’m out of my mind because nothing seems to have happened.

For all that happened was that you were something that was destroyed without a fight.

For my story in Hiroshima, may you find peace without a story to end it.


I sometimes feel, maybe. Now you are someone for somebody else.

A story of a big-hearted, strong woman determined never to return to Hiroshima…




Blessing 生き甲斐