Magnitudes and stories in Tokyo about them

1 min readAug 10, 2023


They played with fire in the middle of the beautiful city of Tokyo

They lied

They put on their masks

They are putting themselves first

They let the beautiful night be full of noise in the darkness of the night

They selling tears, sympathy and hypocrisy as if they were real.

Tokyo is trapped with all the things it thinks are true, but it’s just being used.

Hurt, used, and betrayed.

Now asks if this is what it’s all about

Falling hard and not knowing whether to hold on or leave it all behind

Bearing it all, not even able to run away

Too tired of it all

Everyone lied to one another and they’re just using it for their own reasons

Tokyo, where it all began

They thought Tokyo would be fine with everything

There’s no free lunch — all that’s left is broken trust and helplessness.

It’s all gone.

The city was created by God to be beautiful and yet, it could no longer forgive all that had happened, for the wounds were deep.

During the day it looks fine, until the night comes and breaks into tears