My dance in Fujisawa [藤沢で踊る]

1 min readApr 25


Dark and hopeless in my head

Can I survive?

Can I stand?

I am — trying with all my might

I am — trying with all my heart

I love myself, and at the same time I hate it

because I don’t know who I am….

am I human ?

do I have a soul, or have I given my soul to you?

On a blue day I ran to the beach and I lay down

I took all my zyprexa along with a bottle of wine, and I inhale the cigarette smoke for the last time.

Let’s find peace and relive our memories together….

I want to drink with you and laugh and dance until we see the sunset together and we end it all…….

But apparently, I’m the one who will end it all….

I’m leaving

Far away and never come back

Greetings, fujiwasa with a story that never existed




Blessing 生き甲斐