Sunny day in Okinawa

2 min readDec 25, 2022


Black and white as “Ikigai[生きがい]” the reason to live

Everything seems so fade away, black and white of the past has fallen silent

I closed my eyes and carried away to that time

I walk alone

The cold is beneath under my skin — I’m tired, When everyday have to run in circles, where these fears continues to haunt me

I’m short of breath and almost died

I looked back at that time

Dark and silent, everything is misplaced, dusty and forgotten

No one there waiting for me — I don’t remember- I hate everything

Everything is unreal and nothing is true

Nothing’s making sense at all

Everything I remember, is now faded


I’ve forgotten the sadness

I’ve forgiven everything, even that pain — that sadness — that hate — the Loneliness, and that grudge — all is gone.

I almost gave up on moving on with my own life

Until one day, I opened my heart again to accept life and new hope, and that’s where I found you

You’ve been looking for a long time — and my heart have been closed for long long time ago — Then you came

You taught me to survive

You taught me to see the world from a different perspective and is more beautiful

You taught me to love myself more — with my tears while returning the pieces of my life to make them whole again as before

You give me your hand, to see all the beautiful colors and the tide of the life to come and the sun shine again…

illustration by Pinterest

“We should never forget that everything we have and all the people we love will disappear at some point. This is something we should keep in mind, but without giving in to pessimism.”― Hector Garcia Puigcerver